We embrace community, quality tea and simplicity. We did not forget about the coffee lovers; we'll be offering some coffee drinks. Open Door Tea Shop is located in the heart of Cole in Denver, we employ and mentor system effected individuals. Artwork sold in the facility is created by inmates and reintegrating adults. Proceeds of the artwork sold, will go to the families and children left behind due to incarceration, with a portion given back to the inmates to continue to create art in prison. 

Open Door Tea Shop has over 25 loose leaf tea options, a range of chai teas, chai lattes, iced teas and energy teas. 



Open Door Tea Shop is so incredibly excited and humble to partner with PrisonArte. Susana Gallegos, founder of PrisonArte is a wife of an artist who's received and served a lengthy sentence in prison. Co-Founder is Daniel Gallegos aka Che, husband of Susan. Susan witnessed the impact of art with her husband and the inmate population not only as an outlet for their emotions but also a way to financially contribute to their families.